Will Wilson – Founder

MANDRA is positioning itself to be a world-class leader in the development of traceability solutions and supply chain innovation for the global livestock industry. We have assembled a world-class team of livestock industry experts, technology specialists and experienced entrepreneurs to generate strong returns for our investors.

MANDRA’s first product iHerd has become the leading global stock management application with 40,000 users in 120 countries and growing by 1200 each month.

Based on our successful and proven iHerd Platform MANDRA has combined the latest in software and mobile technology and combined it with our own proprietary hardware innovations. We have created a livestock identification, traceability and management solution that provides the global livestock industry with a rapid and measurable return on investment.

Animal identification and traceability systems have been adopted in major global markets and major beef export markets have created animal traceability systems to better protect animal health and to enhance export market growth.

Consumers around the world are today demanding detailed and accurate information on the food they eat. Large international livestock buyers are increasingly demanding product traceability. Animal traceability, access to animal movement records, and producer identification serves to develop trust in food safety assurances. Increasingly farmers around the world are realising that animal identification and tracking opens up new domestic and export markets and improves their bottom line.

Effective and affordable animal traceability solutions are a major global growth opportunity and MANDRA is extremely well positioned for a scalable and profitable global roll out of our livestock traceability and management solutions.

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