SmartARS Launched

Low-Cost, Next-Generation Weighing Device

Putting weight and RFID in your hand, and connects your yards with your office.

Order your SmartARS now!

MANDRA’s latest innovation that will work in conjunction with our popular iHerd application is now available to buy. Get your own world-first SmartARS (Animal Registration System)—a low-cost next-generation weighing device with a twist.

The SmartARS reduces cost by leveraging farm equipment already in use such as Scales and RFID scanners. It’s powered with regular 12-Volt supply, solar panels or battery packs.

For little cost, with easy set up and using existing scales and other equipment, SmartARS saves immense amounts of time and allows producers to integrate their yards with their office. You can use your standard iPhone or iPad as live display panel of weights and animal data and email reports directly from the yards.

MANDRA’s SmartARS IS OUT NOW. For more information and to order your SmartARS please visit