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AGsuite is a ground breaking, brand new, rural business management platform connecting every stakeholder in the rural supply chain in a way that’s never been possible before through a basic mobile device.

AGsuite offers an integrated, innovative and mobile platform tailored to the unique needs of rural enterprises. AGlets within AGsuite are detailed mobile applications that assist the producer in a particular side of their business. As an example, iHerd is an AGlet for the management of herds in their operation.

In terms of technology, the AGsuite platform is a powerful modern mobile-age solution built upon proven IT principles and technologies. From the ground up the platform has been architected to not only support the number of simultaneous activities a truly global mobile and web-based solution needs to cater for, but it has been built to also scale equally well in function. The AGsuite cloud platform, being based on the most popular and proven scalable architecture (J2EE, Hibernate and Spring) supports massive scaling and the ability to service users world-wide. It’s home is the cloud, and it is very much at home in the cloud.


Total Herd Management

iHerd is a livestock and herd management application designed to simplify the herding and treatment process for stockmen around the world.

Originally designed in the 1980s for the MSDOS platform, iHerd has generational family ties to the Australia beef and cattle industry.

This easy to use software solution utilises the power of synchronisation between devices, streamlining the transfer of crucial property details between managers and automatically updating that information onto the server.

Saving approximately 12 hours of labour per manager each month, iHerd sets the standard for cattle management software. Spend more time with your family, improve your stations processes, and save money overall.

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Connect your paddock with your office

The Smart Animal Registration System (SmartARS) is a unit that will connect to your weigh bars and allow you to record and manage a weigh session with your mobile device via the SmartARS and iHerd app. For more information visit the SmartARS product page. Or purchase one at our shop.
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